Book Review: The Weight of Blood

I got this book because it was free on my kindle and in the genre that I like to read and write (fantasy). It is by David Dalglish a guy who’s career I’m following since he appears to be a bit of a self made writer starting as a self published guy and writing a lot in the past few years.

It took me a minute to get into the story as it starts out a bit haphazardly, but then I found myself fascinated with the characters because of their internal and external conflict. The pair of half-orcs make for really interesting and complicated interaction. The story develops well enough but seems to miss opportunities to go deeper and play up the friction between the orcs and the characters they encounter. A better view into the hearts of the orcs, but more importantly their perception of each other may have taken the story to a new level. The conclusion left a bit to be desired for me as well. Overall though I enjoyed the story, but wanted more from such interesting characters.

It is free for kindle which is how I picked it up, and was a quick enough read, but I was left wanting more from the story. There are more to what is now a series, and I already read through a couple so I’ll be sure to let you know how those go.

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